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Measure customer loyalty and the likelihood of them referring your products

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NPS instant feedback

Do the NPS survey through your website, email or send a link and see the answers in real time.

Organize information

Identify users by id or email, organize by campaign, tags or response channel.

Filter and see better

Filter the answers and get a more detailed and segmented view. You can look at your NPS note according to the chosen filter.

Comment field

Give your customer more details in the response through the comments field.


Customize the search according to your strategy. Set a thank you message and ask for comment.


Quickly review the ratings received and see your NPS score instantly.

Lightweight JS script

Our script is less than 2kb. That way, the loading of your website or app is not affected.

Are you ready to start understanding your customers?

Understand the taste of your customers, their pains and opinions about your product. Understand how the customer experience is going.

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