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An exceptional tool to understand your customers and get the best out of your communication with them. Get all the features you need to deliver the best customer experience, wherever they are.

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Many ways to get to know your customer

Test different ways to do satisfaction surveys with your customers. Each research format can be applied to a different process for your product, always depending on the ideal context.

Talk to your customer wherever they are

Send surveys to your customers across multiple channels. We've developed several ways for you to talk to your customer and reach them everywhere.


Add a powerful widget to collect real-time feedback directly on your website or product. In addition to being fully responsive, it's also perfect for computers and cell phones, the widget is extremely lightweight and doesn't interfere with your site's loading performance.


Perfect for getting you started getting feedback quickly. The link is a completely No-Code option that can be used in your website links, social media posts and bios, instant messaging apps, and even emails. You can start now.


For fully custom projects, our APIs bring endless possibilities. Build your own widget, connect directly from your backend or app. It is the greatest flexibility and efficiency to collect feedbacks. Do everything your way.

Analyze real-time feedbacks and metrics

Dashboards are customized according to each type of survey and updated in real time. Track satisfaction metrics, read all comments and filter responses by campaign and channel.

Customer identifier

Know who is the customer behind each feedback, identify them by id in the database (when logged in), email or identifier you want.


Use tags for when a customer visits a page or holds an event. So you know, for example, when feedback has been given by a customer on a specific page.


Segment which channel is used to receive feedbacks. Whether it was from your website or app, social network link and even via email.


Use campaign identification to target customers who participated in a survey in a specific time period as "Christmas shoppers" or "2030 Visitors".

Comment and thanks

In addition to receiving a quantitative response, you can also request a written response along with the feedback. The comment field can be set to required or optional.

And after receiving the response, say thank you with a message and maybe even a hidden discount coupon.

Customize with your style

When you talk to your client, you sometimes want to be relaxed or more formal, right? In UserForever all texts and messages according to the desired tone of voice.

Of course, this customization can be adapted to other languages.

Let's develop together

One of our fundamentals is to let people use our tools in the most creative ways possible, but for that, we need to give the freedom to access data and integrate freely.

Feel free to develop your custom solution using our APIs and count on our full support and support.

API docs

Check out all available APIs and how you can use them.

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Help for devs

Count on full support to carry out frictionless integration.

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Support via chat or email

To ensure the best experience for our customers, we provide unlimited support via chat or email for all plans (including the free plan).

Support can help with either business information, how our product works, or even a chat about better ways to implement UserForever on your site.

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