Why is there a waitlist in UserForever?

Our waitlist has a different purpose than what is used by other companies. It is not designed to wait for product release or gradual release to users.

In order to maintain the best experience when using our products, we have developed an onboarding process fully monitored by our team.

We know that the time to get started can be a little longer and we can receive a smaller number of new customers. But that's a decision we made to deliver the best experience.

See more about the process below.

What are the monitored onboarding processes

The intention is that onboarding is very practical, already delivering effective and functional results. The steps are:

  1. Briefly know the business, product or service that surveys will be applied to. We will request some information and research about your business.
  2. Understand with you where we can apply surveys in your business and, if necessary, indicate more places to include surveys.
  3. Take step by step of the ideal way to implement surveys, whether by widget, links, social networks, email or API.
  4. Validate that all integrations are working correctly. This is the final step to ensure that the UserForever experience is complete.

These are the steps of our onboarding, but even after this process, we will always be available to help through chat and email.

Is it required to go through onboarding?

It is not required. After receiving your invitation, you can choose between going through the onboarding process or using our product directly.


The consultancy, the onboarding process is completely free and during this period we will not have any charge for using the platform.

After the onboarding process, you can choose the plan according to your needs.

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